Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dressing up is not just fashion- How do you dress up

About the book.
Style of writing is indirect, humorous and sometimes sarcastic. This book discusses social aspects which might have been given a go by, may be unknowingly. This does not contain sermons, treating the readers novices. Book is for stirring up the thought process by providing a disguised mirror; in case one wishes to appreciate oneself, one is welcome to. Duly illustrated chapters are small.


I accept that my style of writing is indirect, humorous and sometimes sarcastic.
This book does not aspire to bring change or revolution in the society or to accuse the readers that they do not dress up properly. Nor is the purpose to educate anyone as to how should they dress up, as I have unequivocal faith in my readers that they do dress up the way they are ought to, either personally or socially.
I do value the wisdom of my readers, this book is only for the purpose of discussion, in case any important social aspects are given a go by, may be unknowingly. This does not contain sermons, treating the readers novices, rather this only makes a point whch you may wish to consider or reconsider.
My only endeavor is to stir up the thought process by providing a disguised mirror in the shape of this book. In case one wishes to appreciate oneself, one is welcome to. Chapters have been kept small as far as possible so that only points are made instead of discourses. You may find that even the preface to the book is longer than many of the chapters.
Some of the readers might find many a reference points in this book which they may not agree to. They have a right to do so. Difference of opinion is a sign of existence of two healthy minds but it is always golden to avoid argument. During ensuing arguments one may try to prove that one mind is healthier than the other one, this is not what this book is intended for.
There might be certain references in the book which may appear opaque and oblique. Not explaining such references is intentional as I believe that my readers do not require spoon feeding. I do believe the intellect of readers which I respect too.
Let us all agree to disagree and agree to allow the flowers to blossom the way they wish to; one is expected to have a garden comprising of diverse range of flora, anyway.  Let the fragrance travel far and wide in all directions.
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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Stress, Joy and You - 122 encounters


About the Book

This book “Stress, Joy & You - 122 encounters” is on stress identification and its eradication, having 122 chapters. Each chapter is of one page, duly illustrated by the author himself.  Style of writing is simple but satirically humorous which renders the writing more enjoyable.  Some of the distinct features of this book are,
•    This book is not meant for academic purpose but for leisure reading.
•    Each chapter is independent of each other so it can be read at easy pace.
•    Each chapter is small enough to be finished in a go.
•    Approach of writing is indirect.

Preface to the Book
Stress be called a paradise too ! Yep, some of us become so attuned to live with stress that life appears to be hollow without it. More so, some others claim aloud that they perform better under stress. Let such misnomers be given some respite whilst this book is gone through.
Alike stress there are many words, which need not be defined, mere understanding of meaning is enough. Nor is my endeavor to go into the nitty-gritty of definition and critique here, as the stakes involved here are much higher. And also, there shall be other thousands of documents defining the meaning of stress, anyway.
Excuse me for using ‘I’ and ‘You’ frequently in this book. In case, one feels offended, ‘You’ may be substituted with ‘They’.  There should be no quarrel with ‘I’, I trust so.
Whatever is written in this book is written with sheer hope that it shall not be equated with gospel word since there might be few exceptions. Believe me; my intentions are quite honorable in not propounding any undeniable theory.
Pardon me in stating that this book is not for the academicians for their professional use who specialize in the field of stress. I apologize.  Rather, this is for the commoners like me who enjoy venturing into unexplored new frontiers, joyfully. So, don’t get stressed that a piece of parched science is before you, just read it at leisure and be amused.
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